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House of Design - A home where great ideas are carved out of wood.
We are a furniture boutique with a team of skilled and creative designers who attempt to give physicality to a space beyond imagination. Our furniture is handpicked or custom made to express uniqueness of design and craftsmanship. Be it straight line modern or curvy classical, our designs blend the best of both genres. Our pieces or 'creations' as we like to call them, are a result of extraordinary treatment of fine materials put through rigorous tests. At HoD, we aim to create an atmosphere of ease, elegance, functionality and comfort, which is inviting. At HoD, we make our furniture come alive!

Our promoters

JCBL is a name synonymous with high quality, utmost safety, groundbreaking technology and futuristic styling in Indian Automobile Industry. From being incorporated in 1989 as a company that would manufacture high quality Japanese technology buses and load carriers for Indian automobile industry like Swaraj Mazda, Eicher and TATA Motors, JCBL has today evolved into a highly successful bus coach manufacturing company. JCBL is a conglomerate of several national and international companies and is one of the largest bus body builder in the India providing world class mobility solutions in adherence to stringent quality standards like ISO 9001 & TS 16949 by TUV. Founded in 1989, JCBL is renowned for producing high quality luxury bus, coach vehicles, mobile home, special application vehicles, school buses, and ambulances. Since its inception, the company has been working relentlessly to offer its patrons the best in technology and comfort through its premier buses and coaches. The company designs and manufacturers each bus coach using only top quality and finest materials, components and technology available.

About the Founder

The Daintiness of our boutique and its designs comes from a delectable source - The Founder & head designer - Ms.Aarti Aggarwal.

Aarti believes that designs are never right or wrong – it’s the situation, the function which makes them good or average. Her passion for furniture and design led her to train at world’s leading institutions around the globe. She acquired her masters in Danish Furniture Design from Danish Design Skole, Copenhagen. Then went on to do Space Design and Management, Furniture Design from the London Institute, London. Alongside which she carried on two more courses from the same institute, namely - B.tec certificate in Prop Making and Course in Window Display. She then returned to India to do a Diploma in Interior Design from Jenson&Nicholson Ltd in New Delhi.

For Aarti, designing is not merely an application of formal skills, but a way of thinking. The best designs, according to her, come from intuition and inspiration. At HOD, all designers believe in creating furniture with a personality.